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How we make Halloween Fairy Doors

October 1st 2017

Halloween is one of the most popular times of year with our fairy garden and miniature garden enthusiasts, so here at the Fairy Garden we have been very busy making fairy doors and activity doors ready for Halloween.

Firstly we hand paint our wooden doors in traditional Halloween colours.

Then we get creative and add some spooky Halloween embellishments such as our bats, or skulls or spiders.

Then we add one of our laser cut signs and hang from the door handle or fix to the door.

Finally the doors are ready for packaging in our unique style and they are then ready for our customers.


You can use your handmade Halloween door to show that you are participating in Trick or Treat on Halloween night. Place your Halloween door where it can be seen clearly by the children in your neighbourhood, either in a window or use the sticky pad provided and fix to your front door. You can also fix your Halloween door on the skirting board or in fun places in the house, move the door around from place to place and keep your little monsters amused trying to find where the fairies have hidden the door!

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