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Welcome to the Original UK home of Fairy Gardening.

About Us

I created our family run business in 2007 after I had discovered the growing trend of miniature gardening during my frequent visits to family in Chicago.  I saw the perfect opportunity to introduce this trend to the UK, thus combining my lifelong love of gardening and my childhood enchantment with all things miniature, and turn my interests into something more substantial.

Within a few short months we had taken some basic ideas, invested in a laser cutting machine and had soon developed a line of fairy garden furniture and fairy doors.  I soon found myself taking my inspiration from nature and began also working with natural and organic materials.  All our fairy garden doors and accessories take a lot of time, patience and love, and just a little bit of magic, to get them just right.  We take meticulous care with everything we make in order to achieve our signature look.

In a very short amount of time our business had grown and become so successful that we could not keep up with demand for our hand crafted items and so we decided to introduce selected lines of miniatures to compliment our own.  Originally we imported miniatures from the United States two or three times a year.

Now, fortunately, miniature fairy gardening is a much loved and recognised trend here in the UK and we like to think that we are in no small way responsible for that.  Those US companies have recognised the growing UK market and now have their own agents and distributors within the UK .

We still make frequent trips to the United States and keep a keen eye out for new products and emerging lines and pride ourselves on always being the first fairy garden company to have new and inspired pieces. We hope that our customers can find all that they need in one place, whether it be fairy doors, fairy houses, fairy figures or just a piece of furniture to add to an existing project.

We hope you enjoy browsing our pages of miniatures and find everything you need for your miniature garden, whether you’re embarking on a new project, or complimenting an existing garden.

All you need is a tiny bit of imagination and some inspiration from us and you can watch big things grow from tiny beginnings!

Jennifer xx

About Our Products

We ask you to bear in mind that miniature items come in all sizes from large to teeny tiny so please be sure to check the measurements given by each item to confirm that it will compliment the size and scale of your own project.

The colours are shown as accurately as possible, but due to computer monitor projections and photo lighting, monitors will show some colours a bit differently.  The colour options will always be shown against each item for your guidance.

Our hand crafted doors, furniture and accessories are designed for use both indoors and out. We use an exterior paint then seal each item with a laquer or varnish.  However, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will naturally fade just about any material or colour,  You can increase the longevity of our products by reapplying a sealant or UV protector after every season.   Keep your container garden in a sheltered position and always take your miniatures indoors during the harsh winter months.  Although all miniature items made from resin are frost resistant we still recommend that these be taken inside during winter.

About our Policies

Here at the Fairy Garden we have a 100% reuse or recycle policy, and try always to source products, supplies and packaging locally to reduce our carbon footprint.  If we can re-use a box without compromising the contents then we will.  So although the outside of your order may look dull and uninteresting, we always try to make the inside as attractive as possible, we want you to feel like you are receiving a gift, even though you may have purchased it yourself!